Qu’est-ce que RESPECT?

RESPECT CAMEROON is Cameroonian non-profit, non-religious humanitarian group whose duration is unlimited. Founded in 2005 and made official in 2010, RESPECT obtained the status of NGO by MINATD in 2018. The headquater of this organization is in the city of Yaoundé with a national territorial jurisdiction and two main regional branches in the East and the Far North. The NGO has grown over the years. More than 10,000 crisis-affected people, including indigenous people, benefited from protection, education and other activities. Our flagship program ANICUR (Accompaniment and Leveling of Refugee School Curriculum) in Mandjou has given birth to a « Bilingual School Group Friendship » in the region of East Cameroon. In the Far North region, since February 2014, RESPECT has been carrying out an important action of profiling populations and displaced victims of war in the main departments affected by the war against boko haram in this part of the country. Since 2018, protection monitoring actions have been carried out.  In general, the NGO representing national NGOs in the OCHA-based forum for humanitarian actors consists of a board of directors, a board of directors and regional offices.


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