The first group of volunteers and volunteers of RESPECT CAMEROON. This group of pioneers was made up of a few Cameroonian students, but also Rwandans enrolled at the University of Yaounde I. The dozen girls and boys who attend the first meeting have virtually nothing to do with what RESPECT CAMEROON has as an idea of ​​accompanying refugees. The urgency, at the end of 2009, is therefore to strengthen the capacities of these young volunteers so that they are able to meet the challenges that challenge them. Educational activities are organized thereafter. Thus, today more than yesterday, the young volunteers and volunteers of RESPECT CAMEROON better understand the concept and reality of taking into account the refugee. The ANICUR project is a perfect illustration of this.

Le 1er groupe de volontaires de Respect Cameroon

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Le Personnel

De nos jours, de jeunes camerounais et autres étrangers, étudiants pour la plupart, ont pris à bras le corps le projet depuis des années. Ces jeunes volontaires et bénévoles participent, chacun selon son potentiel, à la réalisation des objectifs de RESPECT CAMEROON.